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Oral Report & Poster

  • The Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG), Dong Gao, 2020.1.11-2020.1.15

    Poster ” Construction of high-density genetic map and mapping of sex-related loci in the yelow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco)”

  • The 14th International Zebrafish Conference, Associate Professor Jianguo Lu, 2019.12-2019.16

    Poster  “Dysbiosis of gut microbiota by dietary exposure of three grapheme-family materials in zebrafish”

  • The 6th National Symposium on Stable Isotope Ecology, Associate Professor Jianxiang Feng, 2019.9.22-2019.9.25

    Poster “Trophic structure and functional diversity reveal pelagic-benthic coupling dynamic in the coastal ecosystem of Daya Bay, China”

  • The 18th China Ecology Conference, Associate Professor Jianxiang Feng, 2019.11.28-2019.12.2

    Report “Dynamic Study on” Benthic-Pelagic “Coupling Effect in Daya Bay Waters”


  • The 2019 Fan Ye Academic Conference of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Postdoctoral Shizhu Li, 2019.11.13-2019.11.14

    Poster “Analysis of the Gonad Transcriptome at Different Developmental Stages of Yellowfin Seabream”