About us

We are the team of Marine Ecological Genomics in the School of Marine Science, Sun Yat-sen University.


The team of Marine Ecological Genomics uses genomic methods to study marine ecological concerns, elucidate the mechanisms of marine organisms adapting to extreme environments (cold seep, hydrothermal vent, and deep-sea areas), and explore functions related to important economic traits of marine organisms through genetic data analysis, including sex determination, disease resistance, growth, and pigmentation, and thus combine them with the industry.

Our works include:

(1) Adaptation mechanisms, evolutionary patterns, and sex regulation mechanisms of Marine fish to different habitats;
(2) Regulatory mechanisms of functional genes for the biological adaptation to the extreme environmental (cold spring and hydrothermal zone).
(3) The influence of Marine microorganisms on the mechanisms of methane gas migration in the hydrate rich sea area;
(4) Marine ecological adaptability mechanisms in deep, ultra-deep, and abyss sea area;
(5) The adaptive mechanisms of Marine organisms in the mangrove ecosystem in coastal wetlands.