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2018 and before


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Invention patent application

    Method and application for knocking out amh gene at double gRNA sites in yellow catfish. Author list: Jianguo Lu, Shizhu Li, Wenyu Fang.

    A CRISPR / Cas9 system for knocking out dmrt1 gene at double gRNA sites in yellow catfish and its application. Author list: Shizhu Li, Jianguo Lu, Wenyu Fang.

Practical and innovative patent application

    A platform for collecting tissue samples from yellow catfish. Author list: Jianguo Lu, Shizhu Li, Wenyu Fang.

    An incubation device for yellow catfish fry. Author list: Jianguo Lu, Shizhu Li, Wenyu Fang.

    A special breeding tank convenient for observing the growth difference of yellow mullet. Author list: Shizhu Li, Jianguo Lu, Wenyu Fang