Research Interests  

Fish Genomics and Genetics; Evolutional Genetics; Comparative and evolutionary genomics; Bioinformatics


Educational Background

  • 2017.09-2021.06 B.S. in Marine Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
  • 2021.09-Now M.S. in Marine Biology, Sun Yat-Sen University, China


Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Student Award, Sun Yat-Sen University,2017-2019
  • The second forum of marine and chemical science and technology practice for CollegeStudents,Excellent wall newspaper Award, 2018
  • The third Zhongqing Cup National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Undergraduategroup, the third prize, 2020


Research Experience

  • College Students’ innovation project: Epidemiological investigation and analysis of fish viral diseases in the PearlRiver mouth.
  • Laboratory open project: The microbial diversity and its geological significances of the hydrate-bearing layers inShenhu Area, northern South China Sea.
  • Graduation project: The Whole Genome Sequencing, Assembly and Evaluate of Red Seabream (Pagrus Major).

Jia Liu

Master student