Educational experience

September 2016-February 2016, Texas A&M University, Marine Science (Marine Biology) Joint Training PhD student
September 2012-June 2012, China Ocean University, PhD. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
September 2008-June 2012 Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Ocean University of China

Work experience

July 2018 – Sun Yat-sen University, Institute of Marine Ecology, College of Marine Science, Postdoctoral

Research Interests:

Molecular Ecology; Molecular Biology and Macroomics


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Genmei Lin

Associate Professor


Dr. Lin Genmei received her Ph.D. degree from Ocean University of China in 2018. During her doctoral degree, she went to Texas A & M University as a joint training doctoral student. In July 2018, she joined the School of Marine Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University. At present, the main research topic is the co-evolution mechanism of the marine fish intestinal metagenome and the marine ecological environment. Through the research methods of 16S rRNA gene, metagenome, macrotranscriptome, and microbial metabolome, the marine fish intestinal flora and marine extremes are studied. A systematic study of the tolerance and adaptation mechanisms of microorganisms in the environment. He has published 2 SCI theses, and presided over 1 each of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project.


林根妹博士2018年在中国海洋大学获理学博士学位,攻读博士学位期间作为联合培养博士生赴美国德州农工大学学习,2018年7月加入中山大学海洋科学学院。目前主要研究课题是海洋鱼类肠道宏基因组与海洋生态环境的协同进化机制,通过16S rRNA基因、宏基因组、宏转录组以及微生物代谢组等研究手段,对海洋鱼类肠道菌群以及海洋极端环境下微生物的耐受机制和适应机制进行系统研究。已发表SCI论文2篇,主持国家自然科学基金青年基金项目和中国博士后科学基金项目各1项。