Marine Ecological Genomics Lab

中山大学海洋科学学院 海洋生态基因组实验室

Marine Ecological Genomics Lab of Sun Yat-sen University is Now Recruiting Research Assistant



1.Jobs Needed 招聘职位

Research Assistant, Marine Ecological Genomics Lab, School of Marine Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University

中山大学 海洋科学学院 海洋生态基因组研究所团队 科研助理


2. Job Responsibilities 工作职责

    1. Assist in the daily operation of the laboratory;
    2. Assist the person in charge of the project to manage the project, complete the preparation, organization and filing of materials;
    3. Assist in scientific research services and complete related scientific research and experimental tasks;
    4. Perform basic molecular biology and physiological and biochemical experiments;
    5. Complete other tasks assigned by the college and laboratory.


    1. 协助做好实验室日常运行事务;
    2. 协助课题负责人进行课题管理,完成材料编写、整理和报备等;
    3. 协助做好科研服务工作,完成相关科研及实验任务;
    4. 进行基本的分子生物学和生理生化相关实验;
    5. 完成学院及实验室交办的其它工作。


3. Requirements 工作要求

    1. Good ideological and political quality, abide by national laws and regulations and school regulations, physical and mental health, abide by professional ethics and work discipline, have strong professionalism and service consciousness, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and are willing to engage in scientific research services;
    2. Graduated in biology related majors, with a bachelor degree or above, a bachelor degree or above, a master degree is preferred
      Familiar with office software such as office, relevant working experience is preferred;
    3. Proficient in experimental methods such as molecular biology and physiology and biochemistry, and able to carry out related basic experiments independently;
    4. Good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork.


    1. 思想政治素质好,遵守国家的法律法规和学校规章制度,身心健康,恪守职业道德和工作纪律,具有较强的敬业精神和服务意识,能吃苦耐劳,愿意从事科研服务工作;
    2. 生物相关专业毕业,具有本科(含)以上学历,获得学士(含)以上学位,硕士学历优先;
    3. 熟练应用office等办公软件,有相关工作经验者优先;
    4. 熟练掌握分子生物学和生理生化等实验方法,能够独立开展相关基本实验;
    5. 具有良好的沟通、协调能力,强烈的工作责任心和团队合作精神。


四、Work Place 工作单位与地点

Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University



五、Salary 薪资福利

Annual salary of 10-12 thousand yuan


Candidates are requested to send their resumes, ID card photos, academic degree certificates and other relevant materials to Please indicate ``applicant position + name`` in the header of the email. Information is confidential and non-refundable.